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In Memory of Ruby

In late Winter of 2002, we were still grieving from the recent loss of our previous Rottweiler, Bishop. After a couple of months, my wife had reached the point where she could no longer stand not having a dog in the house. We had decided that we wanted to rescue a dog, but I personally was not healed enough from the loss of Bishop to be ready for another dog....or so I thought.
After finding our about Rox ie 's  Fund, my wife took us to to look at a young female Rottweiler named Angel in February of 2002. We'll never forget her adorable face coming around the corner, looking so timid and innocent with her tongue sticking slightly out.....we knew this was our dog, which we named Ruby.
We will never know what happened Ruby in her initial months, but she was very afraid of people, particularly men, for a couple of years. However, it was immediately apparent that Ruby was exceptionally smart, gentle, sweet and very intuitive to Allison and I from the start, to the point where it was uncanny. We often commented, and others too, that we all must have known each other before.
Allison and I continued to pour love into Ruby and over time she learned to trust people, to be a big love and she took great joy in both receiving and giving affection. She loved her daily walks in the park, playing fetch and other games, treats!, rolling in the grass and taking car trips to visit her Grandmother, Grandmoo and Grandoo at their houses. She grew into a proud, confident girl and was a beautiful dog.
In April of 2010 Ruby developed a limp, which was later diagnosed as cancer in early May of 2010. The veterinarian gave Ruby four weeks, but being a fighter she nearly made it nine weeks. On July 10, 2010 the pain became too obvious and we made the decision to bring peace to our beautiful, sweet girl. Until the very end Ruby maintained her gentle affection, obvious joy of life, sense of humor and attentiveness. Of the dogs we have owned, she was the most attuned to us, the most human and yet the most dog-like all at the same time....she was an exceptional girl. She travelled a long, good road from initial uncertainty and fright to confidence and love. Roo, you lit our world on fire and we will love you'll be a heartbreaker forever.
With many tears in my eyes I feel inadequate for the proper words to do you justice Ruby. Your mom and dad and family miss you dearly. To anyone reading this thinking of adopting a dog, please do so. There are so many innocent animals just waiting to be loved and in return give love back. When our hearts mend we feel the greatest tribute to Ruby will be to rescue another dog.
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" --Dr Suess.
We love you so much Ruby and know we will see you again. Good night Roo, our sweet girl. --Kelly & Allison Beckham


Here is my tribute to Cindy who is now at peace and no more pain. on 2.5.10 for the Blizzard of Feb 2010. It all started back in May 2001 when my son and I went to Petsmart to buy crickets for his lizards.  We had put our previous dog to sleep 6 months prior and I did not think I was ready for another.  But I found myself looking at the dogs up for adoption.  When this lady came to me and said "did you see the cute dog in back of the store?  She is a sweetheart and needs a home."  I went back to the back and there she was...Cindy was hiding under the table.  That was it for me...she melted my heart.

And 10 years later my heart is melting in tears as she is now in peace.  Years of love and special care she needed through all the horrific storms, rain and door bells even on tv.  But I gave my life to helping her, loving her, walking her.  I would turn the TV up, turn on the fans, turn on the vacuum or what ever it took to not let her hear it.  I sacrificed my own time and worked my personal time out of the house based on her.  She was my best friend, my child and the best doggy anyone could ask for.  Loved by all the kids here in my neighbor hood and all the adults too.  Heck, my name became Cindy as everyone in the grocery stores, post office and anywhere I went asked..."Where is Cindy"? 

But the years of storms and age took a toll on her body.  Although being almost 14...she didn't look a day older than when I brought her home.  My vet Dr Bob Cohen from the North Laurel Animal Hospital came to my home the morning of the 1st blizzard and we pondered forever before we decided it was time for Cindy to be at peace and no more pain.

I will never forget that day in Petsmart and I will never forget Cindy....RIP Cindy Blair.  I miss you and love you so much.


Missy Blair



Nitro 2001

He was not the boy we came to adopt, but there he was. A sweet, wild, strong fellow with a sad past. We were just going to foster; to train him; to tone down the "furry, flighty, frenzy" for a future "forever family."

God love him. He was willing to adopt us! Wild and wacky until the end, he taught us about difference and devotion.

Forever, we are family.

November 2007


Our 1st baby, our 1st dog.

You were just about as perfect as a dog could be; all you ever wanted to be was right next to us doing whatever it was we were doing. Basking in the sun in the middle of the back yard, lying there with your paws crossed; we will always think of you on the first crisp day of spring and fall – you loved those days, there was always a spring in your step. We will think of you hiking and running on the beach, running through the snow, and hanging your head out the window during long car rides. I have never seen a dog more perfect with children - you were the neighborhood dog that everyone loved. AJ and Trevor would light up when you walked in to the room – you let them pet you, pull on your ears, paws, and nub and you loved every second of it – you didn’t even mind when they climbed on top of you and pretended you were a horsy. We will always remember that long, sigh you would let out when you finally allowed yourself to lay down amongst all the activity around you; and how you loved sleeping between your Mommy and Daddy like an alligator lying on his back. We miss you and will always remember the years you gave us. I know that you are watching over us and protecting us from above. Thank you, Rock, We Love You.

June 13, 2007


In Memory of Trinity

We will always miss you,

The Murray Family

In Memory of Bruno

We had such a short time together, but you've left us a lifetime of memories.  You will always be our first Rottie, with a big heart and a smile to share.  We wish you didn't have to go so soon.

In your memory - 21 Jun 2007.


In Memory of Fenris

Goodbye my baby girl.
With Love,
Mom and Dad - Sandy and Tom Carley

In Loving Memory of Sammy and Bella

You don't how much you both will be missed.  I will never forget our walks and our talks.  Bella you were my baby girl.  I miss you sleeping under the covers with me and you chasing your tail when you got really excited.  Sammy you were my little momma's boy never leaving my side.  I will never forget you.

All my love -- Mommy

In Memory of Lily


In Loving Memory
Our Lily-Girl is gone. May 2, 2006.

In Memory of Huckleberry

In Memory of Huckleberry

You were pure joy. An angel is black fur. A kindred spirit. I've rarely come across a soul so smart, funny, kind, and generous. Here is "our song" in your honor. You are my forever and I will always love you. Huckleberry 3/13/06 "Forever" by Ben Harper. Not talkin' 'bout a year, no not three or four. I don't want that kind of forever in my life anymore. Forever always seems to be around when it begins, but forever never seems to be around when it ends. So give me your forever. Please your forever. Not a day less will do from you. People spend so much time every single day runnin' 'round all over town givin' their forever away. But no not me, I won't let my forever roam and now I hope I can find my forever a home. So give me your forever. Please your forever. Not a day less will do from you. Like a handless clock with numbers, an infinite of time. No, not the forever found only in the mind. Forever always seems to be around when things begin, but forever never seems to be around when things end. So give me your forever. Please your forever. Not a day less will do from you.

Love Mom

Teays' Memorial Dedication

There aren't too many foster dogs that we would truly love to keep permanently in our family, but Teays was one. Teays was gorgeous and had an amazing temperment. She was a "pushy broad" in all the best ways, and so wonderful with people. Teays died suddenly of bloat, the damage was just too great to save her. Although she was never formally adopted, she has a forever place in our hearts, and is buried alongside our other dogs in our field..

Love, foster mom and dad, Elaine and Rich

Laddie's Memorial Dedication

Laddie was rescued from a bad situation in Ohio, only to get himself into a kennel environment in rescue for nearly a year. We finally got him as a foster in April 2005, as a tough old man. He was dignified and smart and enjoyed his days lounging in the sun. He'd been through some rough patches in his life, but was ever loving and knew that he deserved attention (and treats!). Laddie was a distinguished looking farm collie, and he charmed people wherever he went. But we simply didn't know he was sick. He passed away suddenly when his tumor finally ruptured. All we can do is be thankful that he spent his last 3 months happy, living as a true family member with us, and work for rescue in his memory.

Love Foster Mom - Elaine

Bo's Memorial Dedication


Cindy Vernasco's dedication to Bo. Bo was my Big Happy Boy. I loved him so very much. He will be missed with all of my heart. Rest in Peace Bo I love you.

In Memory of Bailey


Thursday October 9 2003 - I told Bailey when he went to sleep he could come right back home to be with me ALWAYS. I loved him so so much!!!
Love Cindy


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