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About Roxie's Fund

The purpose is simple: to help abused and homeless dogs, to work towards an end to the misery of euthanasia and to enable every dog to have a happy and loving forever home.

Roxie's Fund was established in 2000 and was inspired by Cindy Vernasco's first Rottweiler, "Roxie". And it is this continued inspiration that keeps Roxie's Fund alive. The fund honors the unconditional love and happiness Roxie brought to the Vernasco home by helping abused and homeless animals.

Roxie's Fund has a two-fold mission.

First, we are extremely proud of our Roxie's Fund Rescue Network. The Rescue Network is an active organization bringing homeless dogs into "Roxie's Rescues" Network program where we take total care of all of the dogs’ medical and emotional needs. We also have rehabilitation program and training programs to address specific issues. We then place these once homeless animals into caring and loving forever homes.

Roxie's Fund has a sponsored spay/neuter program designed specifically for dogs that are ALREADY owned, as opposed to dogs in rescue. We feel that the only true way to end euthanasia is by putting an end to indiscriminate backyard breeding and "opps" litters. Every year millions of wonderful unwanted pets are killed because there are not enough homes for them all. We think this is a tragedy. Our spay/neuter program is free and/or low cost to the families in need in our communities.

The time is now to end animal homelessness and assure all dogs a forever loving home of their own!











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